Successful politics is CHANGING PERCEPTION; not yielding to it.

Does the name RONALD REAGAN ring a bell? You know - the Conservitive guy you fought tooth and nail in Republican primaries, and yet DESPITE YOU became the most successful and influencial Republican icon since Lincoln by confronting the Left with BOLD Conservatism?

Remember that guy?

-November, 7th 2012


'Those Voices Don't Speak for the Rest of Us'

My Mission

I created Confront the Left to help defeat the Left in America, by creating a more balanced debate.

My targets are contemporary Liberals: Authoritarians, Statists, counter-revolutionaries, Alinskyites, Democrats, Marxists, Socialists, Progressives, Moderates, special rights groups, Environmentalists, Jihad enablers, leftist Republicans and those who seek to change America.

Much focus will be given to the (3) indoctrination arms of the Left: our main-stream media (MSM), the entertainment industry, and our school system.

I will argue the case for Conservatism (Classic Liberalism) over the soft to hard tyrannies of the Left, which seek to conserve all but liberty, under the veil of compassion.

Confront the Left is committed to confronting the Left's Ant-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, it's logic, lies, semantics, unethical behavior, usurpations, subversive intentions, amoral strategies, criminality, hypocrisy, promotion of victim-hood, promotion of racial inequality, promotion of gender inequality, and ends justify the means strategy.

I will expose the Left's contempt for facts, history, the Scienctific Method, economics, and the Constitution with special attention given to the Eco-Marxist's (term coined by Mark Levin) most brazen assault on Liberty: Global Warming, AKA Climate Change.

Confront the Left will call out the un-patriotic elements and characters on the Left, no matter how loud they decry - I will let no one question my love of this country!

I will expose the reality of Islamic Jihad (Terrorism) as the Left pacifies it.

I will prove that the consolidation of power is the ruling principal of Liberalism.

This blog will help pressure the party of personal responsibility (Republican Party) to start acting and talking like Conservatives.

As the Left struggles to hide it's intent in order to win elections, Conservatism must make it's principles known in order to win elections. Both agendas are motivated by the same realization that Americans will choose Liberty over Collectivism when both arguments are fairly represented.

Political Correctness WILL NOT be represented here; just the naked truth.

Claims made against the Left, including all groups that fit in this tent to some degree, are general statements and ARE NOT INTENDED TO DEPICT ALL who fall into such categories. I understand that most people do not fit their labels entirely, and that there are exceptions and variations of character and thought amongst political movements.

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My Strategy

Intellectual confrontation is unique in that the means need to justify the ends. This makes intellectual confrontation necessarily limited, and limiting to those who seek power. This understanding lies at the heart of The Enlightenment / Conservatism.

The intellectual battle is like a cage fight; one cannot get out of the cage to win.

Unlike intellectual confrontation, victory in psychological confrontation, like physical confrontation, has no such dependency.

The contemporary Liberal (Statist) is a psychological fighter by vein necessity. He/She subverts the cage to play on the perception of the crowd. They create an appearance of victory and claim to have broken the neck of the Conservative.

He/She is only equipped to fight in the boundless arena of the ends justify the means.

The Conservative must drag the Alinskyite, kicking and screaming, into the cage. It will be ugly, but the crowd will be able to witness and verify the broken neck of the Statist for themselves.

Let’s role...

Sep 19, 2009

Meet Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr.

Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. (a Fairfax County Public School Security Officer in Reston, VA) threatened to arrest an Anti-Obama health-care protester for holding up a sign amidst numerous other sign carrying protesters; for and against Obama’s health-care rationing plan. This incident was caught on video outside of Jim Moran’s (D-VA) town hall meeting at South Lakes High School on August 25th 2009.

Wesley Cheeks Jr.

This protester’s sign read Organizing for National Socialist Health Care - The Final Solution, with an image of an Obama Joker. Mr. Cheeks told the protester:

If I told you once to take it down and you put it back up, I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with.

The protester replied This used to be America!

Officer Cheeks replied It ain't no more, OK?

What was Wesley Cheeks' explanation for why the protester’s sign could not be displayed like the rest?:

This has got a picture on it. That don't have a picture on it.

My guess is that Officer Cheeks will not be teaching English at South Lakes High School. Then again, they may have an affirmative-action policy.

How often do we hear the left decry freedom of speech and abuse of power? Has anybody on the left condemned Mr. Cheeks? Have you seen any news coverage on this abuse of authority?

I found one article about the incident by The Observer.

I’m sure CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, the AP, The Washington Post, The NY Times, and the LA Times have been banging down Officer Cheeks door for answers to all of their burning questions. I bet they are all investigating the man’s criminal record, tax liabilities, security license status, and personal affairs like they did to Joe the Plumber…and like they do to anyone who challenges their leftist agenda.

I bet TIME and Newsweek are on the case; in-between Obama photo shoots.

Has the ACLU weighed in on this? How about Congressman Moran (D-VA)? Has Obama accused Officer Cheeks of acting stupidly yet? Has anybody in the MSM attempted to get a word out of Fred Ellis (director of safety and security for Fairfax County public schools) or Jim McClain (security coordinator)?

Well, there’s always Eric Holder’s In-justice Department to make sure justice is being served. Just ask the New Black Panther Party members who’s voter intimidation charges were inexplicably dropped by Holder (the same Eric Holder that accused America of being a nation of cowards in regards to race) even though the defendants failed to show up in court resulting in default judgments against them.

I couldn't locate a photo of Wesley Cheeks Jr. or any information about him. But, rest assure that Officer Wesley Cheeks would be the most infamous man in America right now had he went after a Pro-Obama protester (particularly a black Pro-Obama protester) in this manner.

Officer Cheeks Jr. would not need to be a white conservative to receive such would-be national scorn. In fact, recent history indicates he may be better off as a white conservative rather than a black one, as the left reserves it’s most lethal venom for black conservatives - Uncle Toms.

But, don’t forget how much the Left loves it’s black people…as long as they know their place. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Larry Elder, or any other black conservative.

Or, do you believe that Democrats were truly celebrating the historical moment of inaugurating the first, simply, black president on January 20th?

The unbroken silence from the left regarding this abuse of power is one in a long history of examples of the left’s contempt for the 1st Amendment and in their contempt for Constitutional due process.

Despite the left’s loud projections of commitment to the protection of these Constitutional rights (and others), they only use these rights as tools to be wielded when, and only when, the conservation of these rights are contextually aligned with a means to their political ends.

Not true you say? Name the Democrats, left-wing organizations, or media personalities that have condemned or mentioned the acts of Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. on August 25th 2009.

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